• Due to the latest developments, CPAP100 exams will be held online. Exam documents will be shared via a Blackboard assignment, so please make sure to enroll in an exam on KUSIS.
    • Watch how-to video: CPAP 100 Registration. Choose Spring 2021 as the semester.
    • If you receive errors about registration, please send an e-mail to with a screenshot of the error and request to be enrolled for the appropriate exam.
  • At the scheduled exam time, log into Blackboard and go to the CPAP Blackboard course. Under the assignment link on the course menu, find the assignment and download the documents. (Watch)
  • Save the files (both MS Word and Excel) to your own computer, using your KU ID as the file name. (Watch)
  • When you have completed the exam, you must upload your finished documents back to Blackboard. To do so, go back to the Blackboard assignment and upload your files. (Watch)
  • You have 90 minutes for the exam, plus 5 additional minutes to download/upload your files (95 minutes in total).
  • We strongly recommend you to watch the Video Lectures before attending to exam.

Upcoming CPAP 100 Exams





July 1, 11:00-12:35 Online
July 13, 15:00-16:35 Online
July 28, 15:00-16:35 Online
Aug 6, 11:00-12:35 Online
Aug 18, 15:00-16:35 Online
Sep 6, 11:00-12:35 Online

Check frequently to see upcoming exams.

  • Read the Exam Procedure before attending to the exam.
  • Check the sample Word Processing exam question.
  • Check the sample Excel exam question. Please be reminded that exam questions are not limited to this material.
  • There are two questions in this exam. One is Word Processing and the other one is Excel Spreadsheets. You must get 50/100 from each question to pass CPAP 100 Exam.

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