5 Security Steps To Pay Attention When Working From Home

1- Phishing Messages Do not open e-mails/messages from unsecure sources, which ask for you to enter your username and password. Contact us when you have a suspicion.
2- Fake CallsConnections established for purposes such as providing technical support, installing an application on your computer, etc. can only be established by the technical team of the Koç University’s Information Technologies Department, in accordance with your request and permission. Ignore suspicious calls or connection requests that do not come from us and contact us.
3- Unsecure NetworksDo not connect to networks that you do not trust. To ensure security of your home network, change simple passwords defined on your modem and share your home internet with only people you trust.
4- Simple Passwords Use passwords that are hard to guess for all kinds of accounts of yours. Do not use the passwords that you use for your corporate accounts for personal accounts in social media sites, shopping sites, etc. Absolutely use “MFA Multi Factor Authentication” in all supported websites and mobile applications. You can access our Password Procedure on my.ku.edu.tr.
5- Non-Updated SystemsMost malware target security vulnerabilities on applications that are in their old versions. Absolutely keep your personal devices such as computers, tablets, and cellphones updated to their latest versions.