The long definition of HPC is High Performance Computing. HPC acquires its power by the collaboration of many nodes and components inside of them. It’s a solution for complex,long-termed calculations and widely used for Academical Researches, Healthcare&Medicine, Fintech and IoT Projects. You may minimalize the long computation durations into short period jobs via using HPC.

In India, C-DAC High Performance Computing Lab, researchers are developing algorithms about modelling the nature. The HPC cluster in C-DAC extrapolates a typhoon which is heading to a crowded region. In this region , 700.000 person was living and all of them were evacuated thanks to HPC system.

Koç University provides HPC environment to researchers since 2004. HPC is used for academical researchs such as Simulations of Genetics, Modelling of Medicine, Parallel Computing and many more in KU.