The synchronous sessions are recorded (audiovisual recordings). The sole authority as regards the recording process belongs to Koç University. Koç University students can attend the synchronous sessions regardless of their course enrollment. The students are not required to keep their cameras on during class.

The audiovisual recordings, presentations, readings, and any other works offered as the course materials aim to support remote and online learning. They are only for the personal use of the students enrolled in the relevant course. Further use of course materials other than the personal and educational purposes as defined in this disclaimer, such as making copies, reproductions, replications, submission, and sharing on different platforms including the digital ones or commercial usages are strictly prohibited and illegal.

The persons violating the above-mentioned prohibitions can be subject to the administrative, civil, and criminal sanctions under the Law on Higher Education Nr. 2547, the By-Law on Disciplinary Matters of Higher Education Students, the Law on Intellectual Property Nr. 5846, the Criminal Law Nr. 5237, the Law on Obligations Nr. 6098, and any other relevant legislation.

The academic expressions, views, and discussions in the course materials including the audio-visual recordings fall within the scope of the freedom of science and art.”