How can I login to KUSIS ?

Click , select a language, enter your KU NetID and KU NetID Password and click  sign-in

How can I submit a petition?

Go to Self Service ok Request Activities ok Service Requests, click Create a New Request, select your Academic Institution, select your Request Category , click Next. Then select your Request Type, click Next. Please write as much as detail as you can in Comment area. You can also add an attachment by clicking add-attachment. Once you have entered all the details, click submit

How can I update my home address information?

Go to Self Service okStudent Center okPersonal Information. Click on which information you want to update. For example; if it’s your home address click on home-adress . You can update your phone, email and emergency information the same way. Please note that you can not make any changes in Demographic Information. Demographic Information changes can only be done by the Registrar’s Office.

How do I know how many credits I have left?

Go to Self Service okProgram Enrollment ok My Progression Report. Please select the program name for which you want to run the progression report. For example if you want to view the report for your Double Major then the relevant program must be selected first from the change-program . Once you have selected the plan click, show-progression-report

I enrolled to a course from my General Electives but this course is also in my Area Electives. Will this course be counted towards a General Elective or Area Elective?

The course will be counted towards the course type you have enrolled from. In your case, if you have enrolled this course from your General Elective course list, then it would be counted as General Elective. A general process will be run at the end of enrolment to move all potential general elective courses to other types that are not satisfied yet.

I am a Double Major student; I have a Required Area course in my major that is also in my double major. Should I plan and enroll this course in both plans? And If I complete that course in my Major will it also be counted in my Double Major?

You don’t need to plan or enroll a course in both plans. One planning/enrollment will be enough. The enrolled course will appear in both plans after the enrollment period is over. That might take 1 or 2 weeks. Yes, if you complete a course in your Major, it will be also counted in your Double Major if the course satisfies a requirement from the Double Major and vice-versa

In my Account Summary, It seems that I owe 500 TL, who should I contact about the details of this debt?

You can either go to Comptroller’s Office personally or you can open an a track-it

I want to drop a planned course but the trash bin icon won’t appear. How can I drop the course?

The trash bin icon only appears in “My Planned Enrolment” section. Go to Self Service okProgram Enrolment okMy Planned Enrolments. Next to your planned course you will see a Trash bin Icon trash. Click that Icon to delete the planned course.

How can see my grades?

There are 3 ways to see your grades;
1) Self Service ok Student Center okMy Academics ok View My Course History
2) Self Service okProgram Enrollment ok My Progression Report
3) Self Service okProgram Enrollment ok My Course Planner

I’m a Double Major student. I want to plan my Double Major program but it doesn’t appear in My Course Planner.

Double Major, Minor and Track students should select the program of study in order to plan/enroll change-program If you change program your Double Major plan will appear.

There are only Common Core, Required Area, Area Elective and General Elective in my plan. I can’t select any courses

In order to select/plan course, you need to click ok2 icon until the courses / course list appears. For General Elective click ok3 icon; because there are many courses in General Electives you will have to filter the subject areas keywords which are listed on the left side of the screen or you can search the course by entering the subject area and click search

I want to plan a course but I keep having “No section available” message in My Planned Enrolments page. How can I plan that course?

Unfortunately, if No section available message appears, you can’t plan the course because it means the course will not be offered for that semester.

I want to plan my Spring semester courses but my Fall semester plan still appears in My Course Planner. How can I change semester?

Every semester , you need to select the semester that you want plan for ku-undergraduate-spring

How can I see my attendances?

Go to Main Menu okCurriculum Management okAttendance Roster by Student

How can I see my assignments’ grades?

There are 2 ways to see your assignments’ grades;
1) Self Service ok Enrolment okView My Assignments. Click the course title the-turkish-evolution , then the grades will appear
2) Self Service ok Student Center okMy Academicsok other academic , select the Assignments option and click yuvarlak-ok . Click the course title the-turkish-evolution, then the grades will appear.

Can I check if a class section is open in the Spring semester?

Go to Self Service okClass Search/Browse CatalogokClass Search. Enter the desired information into the fields and click search

Even though, I have selected the right semester, my Spring Semester plan won’t appear.

Every semester , you need to select the semester that you want plan for ku-undergraduate-spring but addition to that, if you are a freshman student, after your first semester , you will plan your courses from other-semester ,which is on left side of the screen, click ok2 and you will be able to see your plan.

How can I see my weekly schedule?

Self Service okProgram Enrolment ok My Planned Enrolments. Click weekly-calendar-view and your weekly schedule will appear. To go back to My Planned Enrolments page , click list-view

How can I check if I’m enrolled to a course??

Self Service okProgram Enrolment ok My Confirmed Enrolments

How can I drop a course that I enrolled?

Self Service ok Enrolment okMy Confirmed Enrolments. Select the course(s) that you want to drop and click drop-selected

How Can I Get Contact Information at KU?

eGuide is a web application that lets you easily and quickly search for KU directory based information including persons’ contact details such as department name, full name, telephone number, etc. You can Access as long as you are connected to KU network on campus. If you want to use the system off campus, you need to make a VPN connection so as to access eGuide.

Forgot My Password. How Can I Get New One?

For security reasons, your KU NetID password is not being shared via e-mail and/or phone. You should stop by IT office with your university id card to get a new password.

Which Services Can I Use With My KU NetID and KU NetID Password?

KU NetID and KU NetID Password are your login information which is necessary accessing to the systems in order to take advantage of the opportunities of Information Technologies throughout your Koc University life. For example, It is used for signing into the computer, e-mail, web, saving data, printing, academic software, library, websites, job tracking (the

Can I access Library’s Electronic Resources from my Office, Dorm room or Home?

All online databases can be accessed from computers located anywhere on the campus. The Library has site license agreements with its online database providers that enable the Library’s users to access them. If you are affiliated with Koç University, for seamless access to any library Journals and databases during your search you may use InKUire link or please use the following links. Click to access Journals Click to access Databases When click on “off-campus access” links, you will be prompted for your “network name” and “network password”. In order to use our many research databases from off campus you must have a Library account. If you don’t have please consult the circulation team. You will be prompted for your “network name” and “network password”. In order to use our many research databases from off campus you must have a Library account. If you don’t have please consult the circulation team. You may use VPN services in order to access all e-resources from out side of the campus. Please use the following link to install VPN software, then you will use all e-resources using their normal links. If you are not affiliated with Koç University please use the following Link for limited services.

How Can I Access Alm E-Mail Account?

Please visit the website by typing the address into your browser’s address line. Click the “Email” link. You can access your alumni e-mail account by typing your full alumni e-mail address (e.g. and your KU NetID Password.

How Can I Set-Up Automatic E-Mail Reply?

Please visit and sign into your E-Mail .Click Settings button at the top right corner of the page and choose Options. Click the Set up Automatic Reply Message link locate on the right side of the screen. On this screen, type the message that you want to send, specify the date range, etc. Once you are done, hit the Save button in order to save your changes.

How Can I Make an Announcement Overall The University?

Please visit our It Trackit website. Enter the system using your username and password. Select Announcement & Groups / Announcement (Direct) option under the heading Services Catalog. Fill the marked areas and send your request to us. Requests must be made at least one day before.

Can I get support for my Personal Computer?

For assistance with your personal items like computer, tablet, cell phone etc. you can contact with the IT-SP office. Also you can contact with IT SP staff entering on website and dialling ext. 4455

I Have Finished My Printing Quota, How Can I Load The New One?

If you finish your printer quota which is automatically defined on your account during the period, you need to make payment at Yapı Kredi Bank and bring the receipt of the payment to IT desk to make the quota load again.

How can I Learn My IP and MAC Address?

Because of being specific information to each computer ,Ip and Mac addresses are used during the identification of the user . You can learn IP and MAC address information which is specific to your computer by clicking on the following link,(but in some cases it may not work because of the restrictions and a number of security applications,) If you do not learn your IP and MAC address, try the latter, it will work on every computer.

  • Click “start” on your computer ( shortcut Windows button +R)
  • Write “cmd” on the coming screen and press enter.
  • When the cmd.exe window open, write “ipconfig/all” and press enter.
  • On The Screen, The information on the IP Address Tittle shows your IP address, the information on the Physical Address tittle shows your MAC address. Sample format;

IP Address…..
Physical Address…:01-00-53-AB-CD-EF

Does eduroam work in different environments?

Eduroam can work with operations systems and devices like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, Windows CE, iPhone, iPod.

What is security level of eduroam?

Today, the well known security technologies in wireless networking are WEP, WPA, WPA2. The security level of WEP and WPA are today very low level. For that reason our setup files come predefined with WPA2. But WPA-TKIP is temporarily in use.

Why do I have to install a program for connecting eduroam?

The most important issue in eduroam is the security issue. In classical wireless networks, it’s possible that someone can listen to the communication data. The only way to prevent this is to increase the complexity of the encryption method. Starting from the first moment you send your username and password, the communication is provided with encryption. Since the program for starting this TTLS algorithm is not present in Windows operation systems, we have to use a different program.

I installed securew2 program to access eduroam network, do I have to reinstall it the next time I want to connect?

If you connected the eduroam network before and haven’t uninstalled the program, you do not need to reinstall the program. You can connect automatically to the eduroam network.

I frequently disconnect/can not connect to the eduroam network?

To use the eduroam network in a healthy way, the devices drivers of your computer’s wireless network adapter should be up to date. Get help from the technical support group of your adapter’s vendor.

I installed secureW2 and I cannot access wired/wireless networks at home/office. What can be the problem?

If you’ve installed the secureW2 program according to the instructions, it shouldn’t causing problems with other wired/wireless networks.