Palma (Smart Card Management Software) is provided by TURKTRUST to use with your e-signature and its download links, installation process and activation process screenshots are all given below;

Note: To download correct Palma version from following options; you will need to check which computer system you have. By looking at the features from MyComputer, you can see whether your system is 32bit or 64bit.


> Palma (64 bit)

> Palma (32 bit)

Palma Setup

1- Run Palma setup file and click "ileri" button to start the installation. ** Your USB where your e-signature is in must be plugged in your computer during the installation.

2- Choose "Anlaşmayı kabul ediyorum" section and click "ileri" button.

3- Choose "ileri" button to continue standart installation. If you want change installtion location you can change direction.

4- Choose "ileri" button to countinue installation.

5- If you want create a short cut on your Desktop you can choose it in this section.

6- Choose "Kur" button for installation.

7- Installation will be done in a minute.

8- In order to complite the installation process, it's neceesary to restart your computer. Restart your computer by turning off all of your open application.

Activation Process

1- Run Palma program you installed. A window will show up as follows after you run Palma.

2- Choose "Kart İşlemleri -> Aktivasyon" option from top menu.

3- On this screen, you can request activation code by clicking "Gönder" button. Activation code will be send automatically to your contact mobile phone number.

4- If you recive the SMS correctly you will see this screen in your computer.

5- TÜRKTRUST will send an SMS message to your mobile phone as shown below. "Your e-signature card's activation code is: ABCDEF" Enter this code to related area and click "Doğrula" button.

6- The validation process will be carried out automatically if you enter the right activation code and "PIN değiştirme" section will turn active. ** Please change your PIN code for your security.

7- After choosing your new PIN, click on "Oluştur" button.

8- The following information will be displayed when the PIN successfully has changed.

You can visit TurkTrust web page for more information.