1. Login to your KU account.

2. Click the Drive icon on the Applications menu on the right side of the screen.

3. On the page that comes up, click the New option, and choose the file(s) you want to upload, or drag and drop the files onto the page.

4. You can see the progress of the operation as the files are uploaded.

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Downloading Files From Drive

  1. Login to your KU account and go to Drive.
  2. To select multiple files, hold down the Shift or Ctrl key (Command key on the Mac) as you click on each file.
  3. Right click and choose Download.

You can download files in the following formats:

  • Documents: HTML, RTF, DOCX, Open Office, PDF, Text files.
  • Spreadsheets: CSV, HTML, ODS, PDF, XLSX, TXT (For one page only)
  • Presentations: PDF, PPTX, TXT.
  • Images: PNG, JPEG, SVG, PDF.

File and Folder Sharing

You can share files or folders on Google Drive or the Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations pages.

  1. Open Drive, or the file or folder you would like to share.
  2. Open the Sharing dialog box:
    • While the file is open: Click Share on the upper right corner.
    • With a folder open: Click “Share” on the upper right corner.
    • On the Drive file list: Select a file or folder and click “Share” icon at the top.
    • While the file is open: Right click and choose “Share”.
  3. Under “Users” in the Sharing dialog box, type the e-mail addresses of the users or Google Groups you would like to share with. You can also search by typing the names of the people on your contact list.
  4. Click the expanding arrow on the right side of the text box and choose the type of access you would like to grant these users:
    • Edit: Users can edit the file or folder, and can share it with other users.
    • Comment: Users can view the file and add comments, but cannot edit the file. Comments are not allowed on folders.
    • View: Users can view the file or folder, but cannot edit or make comments
  5. Click “Done”. The users will receive e-mail indicating that you have shared a file or folder with them.

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