The Rumelifeneri Campus has a metro internet connection with a capacity of 900 Mbps providing access to video conferencing and standard internet services (WWW, FTP, telnet, e-mail, VPN, etc.) The total bandwidth of Koç University’s internet connections is over 1.3 Gbps.

Koç University’s Rumelifeneri Campus is built on a very large area consisting of 4 main faculty buildings, administrative buildings, a library, health center, student center, 30 housing buildings and 21 dormitories. The Campus has been equipped with a strong, durable and easy to manage IT infrastructure based on Gigabit Ethernet with 8000 endpoints, which can transport high speed data communication protocols without interruption, and can be expanded when necessary.
The data infrastructure devices used in Koç University campuses have been planned to carry all the wired and wireless networking of users. IP phone and IP camera traffic is also partially transported over this infrastructure.

Switching devices provide the basic communication in KU’s data infrastructure. All switching devices used in the Rumelifeneri Campus, which is physically separated into 3 areas, are set up in a stack structure in order to provide easy management, scalability and redundancy.

At the center (MER) of the Rumelifeneri Campus, redundant backbone devices have been used, while at the distribution points and edge points (SER) of the faculty, housing and dormitory areas, stack switching devices with Gigabit ports have been used.

All switching devices used throughout the campus support a connection speed of 1 Gbps. All KU users have been provided with 1 Gbps wired copper network connections. Switching devices are connected to distribution points and the center with fiber connections supporting speeds from 1 to 10 Gbps. At the center (MER) backbone devices and server platforms are connected with 10 Gbps fiber optical connections.

Switching devices are integrated with various security mechanisms. The most frequently used are: VLAN, port security, event logs, service security, port redirection and access management and secure management of certain services.

Every member of the Koç University community can use the wireless internet connection on their laptops, tablet computers and smartphones. You only need a network username and password to use the connection. University visitors can also use the connection as guests. There are two wireless network connections at the campus:

– The “KU” wireless network, which provides and authenticated and encrypted connection to members of Koç University.

– The “Guest” wireless network, which provides limited, open and unencrypted access to guests.

The “KU” wireless network connection uses WPA-2 encryption and authentication. WPA2-Enterprise has been set up to work with a 802.1x authentication server which distributes different keys to all users, providing high security and good encryption. The “KU” wireless network is subject to the same policies as the wired network connections.

Koç University users have fast and convenient wireless access thanks to the approximately 500 wireless network access points distributed throughout the Rumelifeneri Campus. Together with the devices on other campuses, Koç University has a total of approximately 700 centrally managed indoor and outdoor access points, 350 of which support 802.11ac connections.