Cyber Security News – October 2022

October 20, 2022

Topic of the Month
Supreme Court: Bank is responsible for damages in Internet fraud

With the increase in the use of mobile banking and internet banking, fraud cases are also increasing. Scammers can seize citizen’s money with phishing methods and cyber attacks. The Supreme Court has taken a critical decision on this issue.

11. Legal Department of Supreme Court ruled that the bank was responsible for the loss of the person whose money was withdrawn from the bank through internet fraud, deciding that the bank had to ensure the security of money in the accounts as long as the customer did not cooperate or have defective behavior with third parties.

The decision included the following statements:

“In the transaction, it could not be proved that the plaintiff acted in a negligent manner by cooperating with third parties or otherwise. It is understood by the respondent bank that the security of the money in the account could not be fully ensured, that it could not be protected against the transactions of malicious people, that it did not improve its security measures, and that it did not make it obligatory for its customers to use these measures. In this case, the defendant is responsible for all the money withdrawn from the bank account. This should be accepted in principle.”

News of the Month
It was claimed that the information of about 100 thousand credit cards registered with banks in Turkey was leaked.

According to information shared by a cyber threat intelligence firm from the Telegram group, hackers allegedly obtained the information of 100,000 credit cards from Turkey and put the data up for sale on the dark web.

The threat actor claimed that he leaked the data from a payment system site and that the credit cards he put up for sale were valid at least 10 percent.

The information that the attacker claims to have leaked includes information such as name, surname, effective date, credit card number, country, address and e-mail. Hacker charges up to $4,000 for all of the information.

Tip of the Month
Things to consider in Internet Banking transactions:

  • Don’t click on links in emails that appear to come from your bank, and don’t log in data. Log in to your bank’s internet banking page or application the way you always log in. In case of doubt, call your bank immediately.
  • Install reliable antivirus, internet security, and firewall software on the device you use to log in to internet banking with your mobile device or computer.
  • Make sure the internet connection you use to log in to online banking is secure. Unencrypted, public Wi-Fi connections pose high security risks.
  • Immediately change the passwords you use for your online banking transactions in case of doubt, and also activate multi-factor authentication methods.
  • When you call from your bank, pay attention to the number that calls you and do not give your credit card information and passwords to anyone..
  • Use a virtual credit card when shopping online and define limits as much as your purchase amount at the time you make a purchase.