Would you like to be part of our fast-growing Koç University IT team and culture? We are hiring!

Working at our University, especially within the IT team is always moving and inspiring. That’s because we’re continually finding new ways to transform the way we work, teach and collaborate within every unit of the organization. You’ll be right at the heart of our major projects, working with passionate members and making a real-life impact significantly on our next big thing: KUHub!

Explore the following career options below and apply. After a careful consideration, we’ll get back to you shortly!

Student Positions:

  • Talent Development Program Internships

           – We have paid software developer and product owner positions in KUHub development. If you can commit to a part-time schedule, click here for more information about the roles and application.

  • Senior Design Courses and Mandatory Internships

          – You can deliver a KUHub Project advertised by your department for senior design courses.

          – You can complete a mandatory internship (as required by your program) at KU IT.

We provide mentorship required to get you up to speed with the technology and methodology we use. Upon successful delivery of your tasks your name will appear on the KUHub acknowledgements page!